California DMV To Give Illegals Pass On ID Theft!

California DMV To Give Illegals Pass On ID Theft!


New CA state policy sets disastrous precedent

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A new bizarre CA state policy is unfortunately setting up disastrous precedent in America that will be virtually impossible to reverse. You see, if an illegal immigrant is charged with identity theft (a felony in CA) they become disqualified from Obama’s “executive amnesty” program. So to create a loophole around this problem for illegals, the California DMV is looking the other way and issuing driver’s licenses even if the applicant has provided fraudulent information in the past.

A DMV whistleblower brought the information to light, yet California politicians refuse to correct the loophole and deny any wrongdoing.

If California can get away with this, any state in the union can. We need to be watching for this kind of thing and anyone living in California should contact their local reps immediately. This is simply unacceptable.

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