Jewish Humor

Jewish Humor

Vermont Loon Watch

Abraham, an old Jewish immigrant, is a cloth merchant.
He lives in London next door to Craig, the biggest Anti-Semite in town.

One day Craig calls up Abraham and says, “Hey Jew. I want to buy a piece of orange cloth. The length must be from the tip of your nose to the tip of your penis, and I want it delivered tomorrow.”

Abe says “OK.”

The next morning Craig is awoken at 7am by the sound of lorries. He runs outside to see dozens of lorries dumping load after load of orange cloth in his front garden. Soon the front of his house is a sea of orange cloth 5 feet deep.

Abe then presents Craig with a bill for £12,000.

Craig starts yelling and screaming at Abe. “Jew, what are you doing to me? I asked you for a piece of cloth from the end of your nose…

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