What do we create with our words?

What do we create with our words?o we create with our words?

Naomi Fata


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When we speak, we create as well. We know the power of life and death is in the tongue. Still we voice our fears- our doubts; pronounce failure over those in whom we do not believe and curses over those we hate. Holding brushes designed to paint masterpieces, we carelessly mar and streak and ruin. For good or for evil we design our worlds and determine the internal dialog of the ones around us. So much power lies in each description and compliment, every joke and name. (Excerpt from Little Children, Big God by Sarah Hawkes Valente)

As I read this I have begun to ponder different relationships in my own life. To think that words spoken over my children have the power to create confidence or to create insecurity. Words spoken to friends have the ability to tear down or to build up. Words spoken concerning…

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