Oil & Gas Boom despite, not because of, Obama

Oil & Gas Boom despite, not because of, Obama

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The Keystone Pipeline is in the news again because a Republican-led Congress is reviving a reasonable energy policy and putting the ball back in the Manchurian’s court. As we all know, mr. Obama declared war on fossil fuels many years ago and has implemented policies to weaken our energy industry at every opportunity.

At the same time, he takes credit, in true Orwellian fashion, for the booming energy section that has almost single-handedly pulled our nation out of the near-Depression of 2008. He said this during his recent “State of the Union”:

At this moment — with a growing economy, shrinking deficits, bustling industry, booming energy production — we have risen from recession freer to write our own future than any other nation on Earth.

Sure sure, try to take credit for an industry that you seek to destroy.

But instead of writing a lot of words about this man’s…

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