The end justifies the means

The end justifies the means

Israel Hayom | The end justifies the means.

Matti Tuchfeld

Iran’s long, greedy fingers have reached nearly everywhere: Iranian operatives have taken over the presidential palace in Yemen; a Revolutionary Guard general was killed near the Israel-Syria border, and deep in the Iranian mountains, Tehran is building a secret launching facility housing ballistic missiles that carry unconventional warheads — and these revelations only date back a few days.

Iran has been inserting itself into every possible Islam-related conflict and terrorism theater worldwide, be it as an active participant, a sponsor, a weapons supplier, or an instructor; all while adamantly pursuing the developments of weapons of mass destruction, long-range missiles, and nuclear weapons. Still, is it no secret that U.S. President Barack Obama has long ago reached the conclusion that Iran, as a nuclear-threshold state, poses no threat to U.S. interests.

The American president’s detractors would say this conclusion stems…

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