End of the Classic War Era

End of the Classic War Era

End of the Classic War Era.

Israel has been engaged in a different kind of war since the late 1990s. The defense establishment must, therefore, develop relevant new tools for dealing with the challenges and threats looming along our borders

End of the Classic War Era

In order to understand what could happen in 2015 it is important to carry out the analysis through the perspective of the past decades and even regard 2014 as a stand-alone year, a test case – nothing more.

The year 2014 also evolved as a year that represents the broadest common denominator in the world generally and in the Middle East and Israel in particular. That common denominator is the phenomenon of uncertainty and surprise developments. When I refer to “surprises” it is not my intention to claim that only national leaders and decision makers are “taken by surprise”. What I have in mind is that…

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