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Fast-and-Furious facts
November 16, 2014 By Victor Thorn

• Government quietly releases 64,000+ pages on Fast & Furious gunrunning debacle.

• Did Eric Holder resign in pathetic bid to avoid criminal prosecution over illegal op?

On November 4, while every major media outlet was focusing on candidates and ballot counts, Attorney General Eric Holder’s Justice Department surreptitiously dumped 64,280 pages of previously unreleased documents related to the “Fast & Furious” gunrunning scandal into the public domain. It was a deliberate scheme to avoid any more scrutiny over an official program that allowed violent Mexican drug gangs to buy guns in the U.S. and take them back to Mexico.

The operation involved Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) agents coercing federally licensed gun dealers from southwestern states to sell thousands of semi-automatic weapons to known Mexican drug cartels—the very types of weapons that President Barack Obama, Holder and then-Secretary of State…

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