Video: The Warlords of Tripoli (Documentary)

Video: The Warlords of Tripoli (Documentary)

The Muslim Issue

LIBYAN LEADER MUAMMAR GADDAFI VISITS NELSON MANDELA AS LAST OFFICIAL GUEST.Terrorists tend to stick together. Nelson Mandela with Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan leader assassinated in 2011 by ‘rebels’. The Saudi King had long standing animosity against Gaddafi and the Saudi government negotiated the US, France and UK to remove Gaddafi and picked up the entire tab for the contract work. The removal of Gaddafi not only created instability in the entire region, spilling over into other countries with the unrestricted spread of militias, but it also created a wave of Muslim mass immigration of illegals and asylum seekers into Europe.

What a wonderful situation the region is in now, after the Saudi removal of Gaddafi – by funding and outsourcing Obama, Sarkozy and David Cameron to do the dirty work. The removal of Gaddafi lead to wider spread of militants from Libya into other regions. With the removal of dictators country after country, from Libya, Tunisia to Lebanon, has turned…

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