Grow where God plants you: What is God’s Will

Grow where God plants you: What is God’s Will

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My friend Belinda Morse wrote this for me to post. I wonder how many struggle with similar things. I know I did. Thanks Belinda for sharing.

When I think about God, I just start smiling. I call it the ‘Lost in God’ look. I’m sure I look pretty goofy with a dreamy far off look in my eyes, lopsided grin and my head is always slightly tilted to one side.

My seventeen years as a believer have been messy, complicated and crazy because I am a single minded person. I focus on something and that is all I remain interested in. A good quality if God is my focus. A dangerous quality when He is not my focus. The most frustrating years of my life were the years I focused on God’s will. Sounds like a good thing, but anytime we focus on something other than God himself, we get…

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