Appointment Canceled

Appointment Canceled

Naomi Fata

calendarWhat happens at those times when we have appointments cancelled unexpected causing a glitch in our schedule?

Our natural reaction is frustration, anxiety…. Anger that our precious time has been wasted.

This week I had one such instance, driving 35 minutes to a pediatric dentist for my sons appointment, arriving to find they don’t accept our insurance policy.
Yes my first reaction was frustration, thinking I could have done so many more valuable things with my morning, which was at that point completely wasted I felt.
But then I found myself asking God “what is the purpose of this? Why did you allow me to waste this time?”
And what He showed me is that time is not wasted when it builds character. He is more concerned with our reaction to little inconveniences that He is with removing them. Some times He makes our day completely smooth and at other times…

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