Students Reject Control Freak, Lunch Room Tyranny

Students Reject Control Freak, Lunch Room Tyranny

A big FU to the Lard Ass of the United States and her busybody involvement in anything.


Would you let your kids eat this?

Image Credits: TylerClements6, Flickr

Post contains language that may be objectionable to some

For years, students at public schools across America have been rejecting an overhaul of their lunch rooms prompted by the First Lady-backed Healthy Hunger-Free Kids initiative.

Pupils argue that the 2010 law which drastically changed the menus of school cafeterias participating in the National School Lunch Program has led to smaller, calorically-inadequate meals.

In fact, the law was recently also found to be contributing to less children eating, and to higher costs, according to a recent survey conducted by the National School Boards Association.

“NSBA’s survey of school leaders shows that since that law went into effect in 2010, 83.7 percent of school districts saw an increase in plate waste, 81.8 percent had an increase in cost, and 76.5 percent saw a decrease in participation by students,” a

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