Did ISIS Use Chemical Weapons Against the Kurds in Kobani?

Did ISIS Use Chemical Weapons Against the Kurds in Kobani?

The Muslim Issue

To comment on the article below, we’d like to add to the statement:

“So the CIA report confirms that al-Muthanna was used for the production of chemical weaponry including mustard agent. … Where might IS have acquired these agents?”

We may want to recall the response to accusations hurled at Syria’s President Assad when he as struggling to defend his country against foreign invaders. Assad tried to explain to the dhimmi Western audience that these foreign terrorists used crude chemicals that was simple and easy to create in any kitchen in the mere span of half an hour. He stressed that removing chemical weapons from Syria will not do much to stop them from creating more. The terrorists needed removal more than anything.

Anyone who has lived in the Middle East or a third world country will know that you can acquire pretty much anything that would be banned or…

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