Dutch Military Retreats Before… Tweets!

Dutch Military Retreats Before… Tweets!

Dutch Military Retreats Before… Tweets!, Gatestone InstituteTimon Dias, October 5, 2014

A country that has to hide its soldiers on its own soil and protect its Jewish schools with Military Police cannot possibly maintain that its social cohesion is intact and that it has no real problems with elements of its Muslim minority. Sadly, just like the punch-line that “IS has nothing to do with Islam,” most top government officials and politicians are still in full blown denial about the scale and deep seriousness of this social and cultural problem.

By ordering Dutch soldiers to be “invisible” in The Netherlands, what message is the government sending to it enemies, let alone its own citizens?

Jihadists now know that a few tweets from a single Dutch jihadist can fundamentally alter Dutch defense policy. It will order the personnel tasked with keeping The Netherlands safe to hide.

A country…

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