A Long and Constant War.. #Islam

A Long and Constant War.. #Islam


For centuries, Islam has sought the conquest of the non-Islamic world. The goals, aggression, and brutality of this system of social and religious order are undeniable. Despite countless battles, wars, successes, and failures, it is still here, if anything stronger and more violent than ever.

We in the West have done more to facilitate the spread and influence of Islam than seems logically possible. It is a system whose written code calls for the extermination or enslavement of all non-believers. It is no more a religion of peace than a firefight is a demonstration of love. Muslims committing murder tell us, without equivocation or nuance, that they are compelled by their god to wage jihad, both violent and subtle, in order to conquer the world for him. The Qu’ran says they may defeat us with lies or by death. Either way, it is their singular mission.

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