God Qualifies the Called

God Qualifies the Called

Naomi Fata

IMG_1723For much of life we desire to be ready before we do something.

However, does that work in God’s kingdom? 

  • If Abraham waited till he was ready to travel would he ever have left Haran? (Genesis 12)
  • If Moses waited till he had enough courage to face Pharoah would the Israelites still be slaves in Egypt?
  • If the apostles waited till they could go to Bible college to preach the gospel would the Word ever have been spread around the world?

None of them were ready. None of them had enough training for what God asked them to do (at least not by human standards)

I’ve been slowly making my way through Draw the Circle by Mark Batterson. Pastor Batterson makes the point that God doesn’t call those we are qualified, instead he qualifies the called.

But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God…

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