Mark Levin to Obama: “Get the Hell Out!”

Mark Levin to Obama: “Get the Hell Out!”

Socialism is not the Answer

Conservative Tribune

President Obama is finding himself sliding further and further down the list of likable people due to his outlandish behavior and complete disregard for his duty as Commander-in-Chief.

Take for example, that while Islamic State forces were video taping the slaughter of an American journalist, the president was out dancing and sipping on expensive champagne, despite being fully aware of the what was happening to this individual.

Running away from a crisis has become known as the “Obama way,” as each time something pops up that requires real leadership, he bolts out the White House door, into Air Force One, and takes off to the nearest golf course.

Obama’s repeated lack of action to permanently take down ISIS and to respond appropriately to  this grisly crime, has angered many American citizens, but perhaps no one is as ticked off as conservative radio host Mark Levin.

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