Power in the Name of Jesus: A God Moment

Power in the Name of Jesus: A God Moment

Naomi Fata

Back in May I spoke in front of a large crowd of woman for a ladies brunch at my church. It was my first time in almost ten years (since college drama team) speaking in front of any group besides 5th and 6th graders (a Sunday School class that my husband and I teach ). This is a testimony of what God did on that day.

I left my house to head for the church with a full van – three friends and two kids. It was noisy and though I love them all, my nerves could use some silence. We arrived at the church with plenty of time to spare but as I disembarked from our van one of my friend found large spots on my white skirt….OH NO! That was a moment of panic. I had this outfit picked out for weeks. There was no other option but…

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