Rest for our Minds

Rest for our Minds

Christian Resource Ministry

My latest article for the Hudson River Sampler:


How many of us complain of constant weariness – tired of the ceaseless motion of life – drained from endless activities?

But why?

Is it that we have too much to do? That we work too much and sleep too little?

For the health of our physical bodies we exercise, eat healthier foods and try to get more rest. But is our weariness all physical or are we mentally tired?

Is this a healthy mind?

Our minds are in constant action especially with the advance in technology. We are always rushing to check a message, return a phone call, respond to a facebook comment, or send an email. Now all this is accessible through the little devices called ‘smart’ phones which we carry with us at all times – there seems to be no escaping the demands of…

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