Why do you read the Bible?

Why do you read the Bible?

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This might seem like a simple question for those of us who are Christians. We might answer that we read the Bible because God commands us to therefore we do it out of obedience.20140801-060907-22147603.jpg

But more than that what perspective do we approach the Bible with? As I was pondering my own walk with God and the difference between why I read the Bible now compared to why I read the Bible 10 years ago I find a changed perspective.

Before I read for knowledge. I read to know what God did in the past, so that I could marvel over what He had done, relying on what He had done in the past to give me faith to carry through eternity. This helped me know the history of what He had done and gave me a guideline for following His laws.

Now as I read what He did in…

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