God is With You. See Him

God is With You. See Him

Christian Resource Ministry

By Belinda Morse

20140728-044820-17300300.jpgDid you feel my fingers brush your cheek?
You thought it was the wind.
Did you feel the warmth of my smile?
You thought it was the sun.

20140728-044819-17299898.jpgWhen you said your prayers
You asked me to be with you.
I said, ‘I’m here’
You only heard the rolling thunder

In your dreams you looked for me
I was at your side, giving you rest
You persevered and waited for my congrats
My clapping in joy for your faithfulness caused an earthquake

20140728-044818-17298992.jpgYour heart broke in two, I was there,
But all you saw was a rain
You ran from something you couldn’t beat
I took it away and all you knew was the breath you could finally take

I am ever with you dear child. When you feel that wind know I am touching your face. When you hear the thunder while you pray know I…

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