Dolts, Dunces & Liberals

Dolts, Dunces & Liberals

Vermont Loon Watch

It is amazing now liberal ideas which are purported to bring great things to the environment, propel forward Goodness for all God’s critters large and small, fail so terribly time and time again.

Take ethanol for example. Using this as a fuel additive was to prevent global warming, keep the seas from rising, clean up the atmosphere and lower fossil fuel use. Of the four touted items, zero have been accomplished. This isn’t to say nothing has happened.
From Theo Spark

Cornfused about ethanol?……………..from Rico
Forbes 4/20/14

“In 2014, the US will use almost 5 billion bushels of corn to produce over 13 billion gallons of ethanol fuel. The corn required to fill a 25-gallon tank with ethanol can feed one person for a year, so the amount of corn used to make that 13 billion gallons of ethanol will NOT be feeding the almost 500 million people it was…

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