Who Finances the Terrorists?

Who Finances the Terrorists?


By DB Ganz
Reports of deadly terrorist attacks are a regular feature of each day’s news — just like the weather report.

Who bears the responsibility for these grisly murders? The obvious culprits are those who plan and carry out the attacks. Also guilty are the countries that allow the terrorists to operate in their midst.

The Western press is also guilty of whitewashing the enormity of this evil. When a man kills his wife during an argument, the newspapers refer to him a murderer. Yet, those who carry out heinous terrorist atrocities are typically described by such terms as “extremists” or “militants”, thereby connoting less condemnation.

To cite just one example in 2002, Muslim terrorists kidnapped Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. They then sawed his head off while he was awake, and posted the video on YouTube. This was not a subhuman act – it was subanimal. Yet…

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