With Thoughtful Care

With Thoughtful Care

Christian Resource Ministry


His thoughtful  care
Plans without despair
Search it out (Jer 29:11)
If you have any doubt
Time well spent
Forward we are sent
To accomplish His will
Hearts He will fill
His thoughtful care
Plans without despair 

We know how much God love us because He has sent Jesus to die for us. But, did you ever stop and ponder about His thoughtful care for each one of His ‘kids’?

He has equipped us for ‘good works’. Those ‘works’ that are God ordained and inspired. He gives us the tools in Christ Jesus to move in love towards His directed purpose. They become our goals and we are in wonder as we see His will accomplished.

This is all thought out before we were born. He has taken so much time designing us for kingdom success and fulfillment in life. We dare not miss it! I marvel at each…

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