Lessons of the Iraqi chaos

Lessons of the Iraqi chaos

Israel Hayom | Lessons of the Iraqi chaos.

Uzi Dayan

What is the meaning of the chaos unfolding in Iraq? Two day after Mosul was overrun by the Salafi terror group the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, Tikrit — the birthplace of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and of the legendary Saladin — fell as well.

Sunnis are now in control of areas stretching from the Iraqi capital of Baghdad to the Syrian city of Aleppo; and as the Iraqi military’s response falters, Kurdish forces have taken over Kirkuk.

Washington has pledged its assistance, Turkey has called for an emergency NATO session, and according to media reports, Iran has dispatched a Revolutionary Guards force to aid the struggling Iraqi regime. The Middle East, it seems, has once again plunged into turmoil.

This kind of regional uncertainty usually calls for exercising two rules: the first, be prepared to…

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