Red Alert! Benghazi Select Committee COMPROMISED

Red Alert! Benghazi Select Committee COMPROMISED

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Benghazi Select_Committee COMPROMISED

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What every American must know as the Benghazi investigation is about to begin involves what happened after the first 9/11 attack. The Patriot Act, was drafted in direct response to attacks on the United States perpetrated by the Muslim Brotherhood’s terrorist agents on 9/11/01. How is it that Philip Kiko, who was part of a group that refused to identify the true enemy of the United States then, all of the sudden the Executive Director of the Committee charged with investigating Benghazi?

As someone who “helped craft the Patriot Act”, Kiko should have understood the matter of Muslim Brotherhood infiltration before crafting it.

It gets even worse. One of the organizations that resides under the umbrella that Kiko is registered to lobby for – Muslim Advocates – has extensive ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, as has reported.

Kiko must know this. In fact, like Kiko, the…

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