Guardians of the Republic

Guardians of the Republic


This weekend we celebrate those who gave “that last full measure of devotion” to our country, our freedom, and for other people’s freedom. It is meet and right that we do so. It is also proper, I think that we gather with friends and family and enjoy ourselves, that too is part of our freedom.

It is important though, I believe that we remember, and that we tell our young friends the why of the holiday. All around the world, tomorrow taps will be sounded to remember and commemorate the soldiers of America. We know, that this holiday was started by the Grand Army of the Republic, to remember those killed in our civil war. They can be found here:

As we moved into the twentieth century we did become that last, best hope of freedom for millions around the world. The names have become legendary, Belleau Wood, Meuse-Argonne, Anzio…

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