Trey Gowdy and Bill Whittle.

Trey Gowdy and Bill Whittle.


Ya know, I don’t think I’d like Trey Gowdy prosecuting me, especially if I was guilty.

Glad that is not my problem 🙂

This we know about, or we should, so pay attention

And this will serve as a pretty good example.

If that doesn’t make you mad as hell, what in the hell is wrong with you?

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2 Responses to Trey Gowdy and Bill Whittle.

  1. alakhtal says:

    Trey Gowdy said 12 times: ‘do you know’ he fuckedup his anecdote quoting FOXNEWS. I am killing myself to know why the dumbass in the back was laughing while trey bitching.
    Boehner to Gowdy: Get Hillary. Jackass!
    Gowdy to Boehner: Benghazi! Capital of Djibouti Right? Boss!
    Boehner appointed Trey Gowdy to fuck Benghazi for good.
    John Boehner assembled Special Benghazi Committee to butcher Hillary before she hits the streets to clinch the White House away from Republican Preppers and Teeebaagerzz Kochsuckers.
    Republicans daydream to get ‘Bush’s ho Nigga’ as Colin Powell at the helm to crack down Libya into three [1] White Bastards, [1] Brown Arabs and [1] Black Negroes as he cracked up Iraq into [3] Warlords Bitch States; Shiite, Sunni and Kurds to drain Libyan hydrocarbons revenue as reparation for ramming Ambassador Steven reeky rectum by his Jihadi boyfriends.
    Let’s see how long Boehner will dance?
    Darrell Issa and Elijah Cummings have been fucking each other for 2 years to turn Benghazi from jealous queers’ shootout to real politics in an attempt to impeach Obama last year. And yet Faux Shutdown, Assad and Putin giving America the Middle-Finger. These overtures Outfucked the Republican Impeachment Conquest big time!
    I said on Apr 5, 2014.
    MIKE MORELL ain’t Benghazi DANCER he’s probably NKB [new-kid-on-the-block] in Darrell Issa, Elijah Cummings clash U-Hauled by Benghazi Flatearthers to animate this argument. Please be honest, read it carefully and don’t remove my narrative.
    I said on October 05, 2013.
    I almost banged my kidneys and lost potency when lipless Greta Van Sustern repeated “smidgen” after Snoopy Chaffetz.
    Bill Gertz must quit Monsanto. He authored 3 books The China Threat Enemies: How America’s… 2006 Breakdown: How America’s… 2003. Truckload of Rubbish. Dhu-al-Bajadin is a Shiite name. Crackpot. Things ain’t funny its getting foolish, crazier & scarier.
    I Laughed out of my earshot Hahaha. Rep. Jason Chaffetz as Backstreet girl went to Benghazi hustling and fighting, scratching and biting to uncover nothingness but immorality.
    I dare he will mention it but he loves to hear it through the grapevine.
    Rep. Jason Chaffetz applied Ammonium hydroxide Tear Agents to get poignant emotional and burst in tears along with his frogmarched Gregory Hicks [the faithful] to get the attention of depressed Media Bankruptcies as Foxnews, Newsbusters, Weasel-Zippers, Atlantic Wire, Commentary Magazine, Frontpage Magazine, Twitchy, Gateway Pundit, Jihadwatch, Conservative News Central. Cut the crap. Chaffetz boy.
    I need Chaffetz whistleblower to tell us what’s the name of his Boss’s Libyan Boyfriend who he really envied? And why did Hicks leave early THEM that afternoon? ‘sup John Boehner! Jack Daniel’s hangover again? What email? Ambassador Stephens turned USA embassy in Benghazi to GAYBAR leaving jealous beaus shoot at each other and her Excellency [Stephens] probably shot in fun-crossfire either by Jealous Libyan boyfriend or by overdose of crack administered Glen Doherty & Tyrone Woods. This green-eyed Beau carried Ambassador Stephens on his shoulder and rushed him to Benghazi hospital.
    He called Gregory Hicks to come to hospital but Hicks chickenout and let Ambassador Stephens die in the hands of amateur Libyan makeshift doctors. My condolence goes to Sean Smith, U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer he died in wrong time and place but Glen Doherty & Tyrone S. Woods were paid mercenaries chased and headhunted by the Cronies who still hold the stockpile of 10,000 surface to surface missiles that Condoleezza Rice sold them to Kaddafi to kill thousands of Libyan elders, women & children during revolution.
    Chaffetz attitude as if Americans really went to liberate Libya. That’s ain’t accurate. Obama were poodled by Cameron and Sarkozy into Libyan war lest Halliburton lose its hydrocarbon loots in Libya. That’s all about! Benghazi boys.

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