The EPA – Government Gone Big, Bad, And Out Of Control

The EPA – Government Gone Big, Bad, And Out Of Control

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There are some things that are simply beyond comprehension. The way our government operates is one of those things. Our government is far past its constitutional boundaries. If you need an example of how that is the case, then you need look no further than the EPA. The Environmental Protection Agency has a laudable goal in protecting the environment. It sounds like a good thing, but it has turned into a political tool, especially since Barack Obama became President. But, I digress. The reason the EPA is in the spotlight has nothing to do with the questionable actions it has taken to “protect the environment”. No, this time they are on display as evidence of government gone big, bad, and out of control.

How much pornography does it take to get an employee of the EPA fired? That’s exactly what inquiring minds would like to know and it is…

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