Welcome to the Paradise of the Real

Welcome to the Paradise of the Real


English: SweeTarts candies. English: SweeTarts candies. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve been thinking along this line for a while but, never in my fevered imagination would I have been able to write  it as well as Kevin D. Williamson has here. We definitely have gotten so far from the real world into symbolic terms that we have turned the economy into a video game, and in doing so we are hurting innumerable people, the poor especially, but all of us as well. From NRO

Word Problem No. 1: It’s lunchtime for Mrs. Piketty’s second-grade class. Bobby has 20 Gummi Worms, and Jenny has 20 SweeTarts. Bobby and Jenny both like Gummi Worms and SweeTarts, but both like SweeTarts a little bit more, so Jenny trades three of her SweeTarts for four of Bobby’s Gummi Worms. Both are happy with this trade, so they do it again. Question: How many pieces of candy do the…

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