Finding the Strength for Motherhood

Finding the Strength for Motherhood

Naomi Fata

This is to you mom’s who have all the unpredictable and predictable mom things going on in your life. The constant demands on your time, energy and attention.

In the midst of the everyday………………..



Messes left behind


Taking care of a sick child


Some times we are left exhausted.

The other day I found myself thinking ‘If only I had a list or a formula for all this I think I could handle it. Maybe I should try to find a blog that would tell me how to structure my motherhood better.’

But then He reminded me…..I am not self-sufficient. I am not able. He doesn’t desire that I try to do it on my own.

Sarah Young’s little book Jesus Calling speaks to me about this over and over.

The truth is that self-sufficiency is a myth perpetuated by pride and temporary success. ..Rejoice in your insufficiency, knowing…

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