Truth, lies and conspiracy theories

Truth, lies and conspiracy theories


The Federal Government lies as a matter of policy and habit. Occasionally  “legitimate” media detect and dissect the lies, but they more often simply report them as true. The resultant “conspiracy theories” are often more believable than the Government lies which spawned them. 

Ketchup Kerry

From Benghazi to ObamaCare to the Israel – Palestinian “peace process” to the Iran Scam to the Bundy Ranch standoff and beyond, “our” Government has lied to us repeatedly and there have been no signs that it intends to stop or even to slow down. The lies have rarely been for legitimate national security reasons and have far more often been to promote the political security of the party in power. This from the “most transparent” administration in history:

Was there even a scintilla of candor in President Obama’s remarks about the transparency of His administration? More recently, was there a scintilla of candor in His administration’s remarks that the need to preserve desert tortoises required Bureau of Land…

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