He Died to Set Us Free

He Died to Set Us Free

Naomi Fata

The following is an article I wrote for a monthly column in God’s Corner of the Hudson River Sampler


Easter Remembrance

Do you ever wonder why pain touches our lives? Or think you are the only one who has been through intense difficulty? Perhaps you question how a good God could create a world with so much brokenness? How could He look on what He created and say that ‘it is good’?

Brokenness came as the result of a choice of one man and one woman: The choice of disobedience in the perfect garden. We can’t change the choice they made which affects all mankind but we can make a choice.

A choice to believe the promise.

A choice to ask Him to fulfill that promise in our life.

As He fulfills that promise in us we can live in spite of their choice.

We can have life, healing, and…

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