Obama Promotes the 1%, Hates the 99.

Obama Promotes the 1%, Hates the 99.

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Ever since the sham financial reform known as Dodd-Frank, a law designed by Democrats and signed by Barack Obama in 2009 (before the Tea Party even existed as a political movement), I have known that Barack Obama is a corporate elitist who would reward greedy Wall Street firms rather than bring good governance and needed fixes to the American financial system.

And then came Obamacare, the great gift to private insurance companies, at least for now.

If you are a Liberal, please read this simple paragraph closely to see exactly what is being discussed here:

Does the exasperation and frustration of health insurers mean that they could face financial troubles in the days ahead? Probably not.

Those reinsurance and risk corridor payments from the federal government provide a safety net for the first three years. Insurers might lose money on their individual insurance products, but the losses won’t be catastrophic thanks…

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