Snickers & Snarks

Snickers & Snarks

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The Lefty Media at work

Job #1: Sheltering the elite!

In the past few weeks, there’s been a notable number of politicians in the news for activities considered very illicit. As usual, the State Owned Media either ignored the crimes or when reported, omitted the affiliation of the indicted individuals. That simply means they were ALL Democrats.

Politico Buries Senator Leland Yee’s Arms Trafficking Scandal


The world of political news was captivated by Thursday’s report of the arrest for gun trafficking of a famously anti-gun California state senator. Yet while most other news outlets reported the incident, Politico, an outlet that supposedly leads the nation in political news, didn’t post a single story on the incident the day the news broke.

This is the same Politico that managed to publish 90 separate stories on the Herman Cain sexual harassment scandal when it broke – within six days.

California State Senator…

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