Iran and Khamenei probably never existed.

Iran and Khamenei probably never existed.


What can one write about when there’s nothing new and interesting?
Here’s an idea for a new conspiracy theory: Iran and Supreme Leader Khamenei are imaginary, created to distract us from real problems by giving us somebody and something to hate. That’s always been a useful ploy.

Supreme Leader Khamenei recently said,

Does anybody dare talk about Holocaust in Europe? The Holocaust is an event whose reality is uncertain and, if it happened, it’s uncertain how it happened,” Khamenei said in an event in the northern city of Mashhad marking the Persian New Year’s Nowruz.

Iran's best wishes to US

Could any sentient person make such claims? Many people have done so, but that does not mean that any sentient person would. That Khamenei did so raises questions not only about whether he is sentient but also about whether he and the alleged nation of which he is claimed to be the Supreme Leader even…

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  2. Thanks for the “re-blog.” I appreciate it. Dan

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