Hillary’s Dubious Iran Credentials

Hillary’s Dubious Iran Credentials

Hillary’s Dubious Iran Credentials – Commentary Magazine .
Jonathan S. Tobin@tobincommentary
03.20.2014 – 7:25 PM

Last night Hillary Clinton spoke at a dinner for the American Jewish Congress and continued her effort attempt to craft a narrative in which her four years at the State Department are depicted as making her uniquely qualified for the presidency. The centerpiece of this argument is that during her time as America’s top diplomat she was a leader in the struggle to stop Iran’s nuclear program. This is a delicate task that demands both exaggerations and outright fibs, especially when it comes to her position on sanctions. It also requires her to both embrace President Obama’s foreign-policy record while at the same time position herself slightly to his right. But while her cheering section may be buying her sales pitch, a closer examination of what Clinton did on the issue undermines any…

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