Chuck Schumerito Puts Mexico First

Chuck Schumerito Puts Mexico First

If you want to stay unemployed keep voting for douchebags like Shumer, Gillibrand.

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Chuck Schumerito Puts Mexico First

Can someone please bag this Mexican loyalist?  Here we are, broke, 17 trillion in debt and Schumer wants MORE illegals, more people.  Isn’t it something how he does not live in a neighborhood flooded with these filthy cockroaches yet so willing to shove them on us?  If I was the leader, Schumer would be hanging from the Washington needle.

An art collage from November 2013

Schumer offers deal to GOP: Give us an amnesty or Obama will give it to em by executive order


Update:  Today I make schedule with surgeon.  Probably by the end of the week I will have had gall bladder surgery.   😀   THANK YOU FOR THE PRAYERS/DAVEN!

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