Obama’s foreign policy objectives

Obama’s foreign policy objectives

Israel Hayom | Obama’s foreign policy objectives .

Richard Baehr

In his first year in office, U.S. president Barack Obama was asked about his belief in the concept of “American exceptionalism.” The president’s response was a sharp break from the concept as understood by his predecessor in the Oval Office, George W. Bush, and many Americans. The more generally accepted concept was summarized by writer James Kirchik as the notion “that our history as the world’s oldest democracy, our immigrant founding and our devotion to liberty endow the United States with a unique, providential role in world affairs.”

The concept, in other words, supports an outlook on America’s role in world affairs that includes our active involvement in these matters, and argues that America has had a positive involvement in world affairs.

Obama’s response as the leader of his country, a country that for decades was the self-proclaimed leader of…

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