Obama’s Syria Policy Fails. Again.

Obama’s Syria Policy Fails. Again.


by Keith Koffler 

President Obama’s Syria policy has not just failed once, but twice! Or three times. Losing count. Anyway, the United States lost all credibility some time ago under Obama, so what does it matter?

This morning, we were treated to the headline from the Associated Press that President Obama was “mulling options” on Syria.

Mulling. After 150,000 deaths, he’s still mulling.

Not that there’s much we can do this point. Except to keep ourselves from being disgraced. Which we have not. But then we knew that was coming.

Syria is not even living up to the deal Secretary of State Kerry accidentally proposed and the Russians purposely ran with to give up its chemical weapons. Syria was supposed to have handed all of it over by now.

According to reports, Syria has handed four percent of it over.

You read that correctly. Four percent.

The Syrian’s…

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