Massive Cave-in Reported

Massive Cave-in Reported

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This just in, the Global Warming Polar Vortex of ice and snow has caused a massive cave-in at The “legislative” branch of Obama’s Royal Court of Government.

It was report that 28 alleged “conservatives” were killed while bending over and kissing the King’s ass and his ring at the same time!

Maybe they thought they were the Denver Broncos and Boehner was Peyton Manning! The Legalized Marijuana in Colorado was not found at the scene of the massacre though.

But the horrific damage done may never be repaired.

The Democrats cheered and roasted Republican elephant marshmallows over the Fires of Hell in celebration.


Before the House voted to raise the debt ceiling without any spending reductions or restorations of the military pension cuts Tuesday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) reportedly warned her members not to act like Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman and taunt the “mediocre” GOP leadership for…

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