What We Believe

What We Believe


We’re going to stay with the video format this weekend, mostly because I think it conveys more information more easily than the written word, when it is done well. And nobody does it better than Bill Whittle. You may or may not want to watch all of these right now, they’re not long but they all demand some thinking on your part. That’s OK though, you can always bookmark the post and come back, I won’t tell anyone.

Here we go.

Small Government

The Problem with Elitism

Wealth Creation

Natural Law

Gun Rights


American Exceptionalism

So, there you have it, in seven easy lessons, what conservative (and especially TEA Party) Americans believe. Not really very radical at all, are we? Do I agree with every word he spoke here? If I thought really hard, I might find half a dozen minor points to disagree with, maybe!

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